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Marco Toro (Venezuela)

Drums, congas, bongos, timbales, chorus vocals.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, when he was 15 years old, he started playing drums; and at 16 years of age, he already became part of a rock band. Although he started long ago playing drums and traditional music from Venezuela. His curiosity and ambition drove him to self learning drums faster; his adventurous spirit to travel to Europe came true in 1992 with his "Laberinto Band", he established in Amsterdam and with Laberinto Band has recorded 6 albums and performed different concerts, festivals and touring around Europe. He has played with different performers in various musical genders such as rock, also with Gerardo Rosales and his Salsa Group, Rudy Albano (Latin jazz and fusion), Cubob Citybig Band (salsa, mambo) etc. Marco Toro is sponsored by Remo Instruments and Ziljian.






Rosset van Oss (Holland)




Dioniso Rosales (Ecuador)

Congas, bongos, maracas, chorus vocals.







Fernando Lobato (Ecuador)

Bass, Lead- vocals

Fernando was born in Ecuador, started his professional career at the age of 14 years as singer and guitar player; he studies music at the "Jose Manuel Rodrigues Institue in Cuenca-Ecuador.

At the beginning of his career he played with different famous bands, later on he created his own group called "Dynasty" which became very popular in Ecuador. During this time, he shared the stage with different singers from Latin America very famous internationally such as: Camilo Sesto, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Los Iracundos, etc.

In 1989 he travelled to Europe in order to expose his talent in different festivals performing in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, etc. At the same time he took private lessons with masters in guitar and singing like John Fillmore (flamenco) and Pere Soto (jazz) where he had improved his skills.

In 1996 he came out with his first CD. called Fernando Lobato ...con Sabor Latino!!. Which includes classics hits through Latin America These songs contain his original arrangements.
Fernando trough his professional carrier formed part of different bands that have performed in several countries of Europe. He is also guitar teacher in Latin-American style.









Paul Lovato (Ecuador)

Vocals chorus, bongos, maracas.

Born in Cuenca Ecuador, at a very young age he show his talent for drums and he self learned to play. In 1995 he traveled to Europe where he performed as solo in different events. He also participated as a member of different groups. In 1997 he became part of Sabor Latino Group and performed in different festivals in Holland, Germany and other countries.






Albert Ramos Pineda (Colombia)








Rafael Guel Frías (México)

Coros, Flauta







Mariana Castellanos Castro (México)










Viktoria Bori (Hungary)