Guest book
guest book
all the joy and romanticism of Mexico


Humberto Albores Martinez

guitar, choirs

Humberto was born in Chiapas , Mexico . He carried out from 1993 to 2000 music studies in the university of Sciences and arts of the state of Chiapas , Mex. (UNICACH). During the career he studied classic guitar under the direction of the teacher Eduardo Orozco Ambriz. In that time it is part of diverse groups of music popular Mexican with those that it travels and it is presented in important scenarios of the Mexican Republic . In his career like guitarist Humberto has participated as first guitar of the one it assembles of guitars of Chiapas , carrying out tours for the interior of the Republic. It formed and it directed the group " Feelings ", with which you/they carried out presentations and recordings at national level. As bass player he is invited in 1998 to participate in the group Na'rimbo, group with which develops a coalition of Latin jazz with traditional music of the south of Mexico . With the group Na'rimbo has carried out presentations in diverse national and international forums. In 1999 he carried out a series of presentations in Belfort , France in university music's international festival (FIMU), in Paris it is presented in the house of Latin America and in the music's party, in the Mexican embassy. In May of the 2003 offered concerts in Spain in the county of Ribarroja of the Turia in Valencia and in Zaragoza .

In January 2004 make a presentation in the festival of the APAP with headquarters in New York . In August of the 2004 it is presented in the festival “out of doors” in the Lincoln Center , in New York .

Rafael Guel Frías (Mexico)

vocal, cuatro, vihuela, jarana.

Rafael was born in Zacatecas Mexico, at the age of 16 years he began studying traditional music from Latinoamerica. Later on he went to "Ollin Yoliztli Music School" in Mexico City. In 1977 he founded the "Coihue" Group. Then in 1981 he becomes co-founder and member of the Mapu Group. Later, in 1983 he started doing research in the villages with the peasants from Chiapas and Oaxaca where he developed a better understanding in the ethnic Mexican music.In 1984 he traveled to Europe with the Mapu group, he performed at concerts in schools and Colleges in several cities of Spain. He also participated with the same group in different festivals, radio and television in different European countries. In 1985 he traveled to Holland with his group and performed several concerts. Then he decides to establish his residency in this country and founded the Cuahutli duo. From 1990 to 2002 he participates as member of the "Tierra Caliente" Mariachi. Songs recorded: "Mapu" -with the truth of the town, -the song of eternity, (1983), Latinoamerica (1985), Springed instruments of Latin America (1988), Maria de Lourdes in Holland (1990), Hot mestiza earth (1992), Condor Group: Raramuri (1995) - Obsidiana, -Ceiba, Instuition, (1999) Zapukai The Tune of the devils (2002), Annet Saatrube Trio (2003)

Claudia Valenzuela


Claudia was born in Moscow but she grew in France in the breast of a totally musical family. To the six year-old ages she begins to play violin. She takes their first lessons in the “national School of Villemomble ” under the direction of M. Thuillier. Later on she graduated with the distinction of honor in silver in “The school of Music of Fresnes” directed by C. Fournier. In 1998 Claudia is invited to receive lessons of N. Morosova in the “Conservatory of Rotterdam” where graduates in the year of 2004 with the conduction of A. Czifra. At the moment she is busy with the second phase of their study in the Conservatory of Tilburg.

For Claudia the music of Camera is its great passion. She integrated during five years in the “Frieda Kahlo String Trio”, with which carried out diverse presentations in cities of Holland and Spain . Next to their study of classic music Claudia has played in different formations of Music of the World like: the Turkish band “Anadolu Esgezi” with the one that a CD has recorded. As integral of the group of Salsa “Eric and their Chocolate” (timba charanga) it has acted regularly from 2002 in Holland , Belgium and Luxemburg. In 2004 she has the opportunity to play with Gerardo Rosales and their group The crisis.

Laura Valenzuela

it violates

Laura was born in Russia in the breast of a family of musicians; her father of Chilean origin (chelista) and her Colombian mother (pianist). Their musical career began in Paris to the seven year-old age where she studied under the direction of teachers like .a.J.L. Bonafous, C.Chevauche and J.B. Brunier among others. In the year of 1999 she carries out studies in Holland; first with Rum Ephrat in Rotterdam and later with Mikhail Kuguel in the “Conservatory of Maastricht” where graduates in June of the 2004. To more than playing in diverse orchestra's professionals to Laura it can be listened in different scenarios like integral of orchestras of music of Camera, especially with the trio of strings “Frida Kahlo” she has carried out different performances in Holland , Germany and Spain .

Her Colombian roots sprout to skin flower in their love for the Latin American music and in particular for the salsa. As integral of Charanga-Timba Eric and their Chocolate she is presented regularly in Benelux . Also from September of the 2004 he plays in the Charanga The Crisis directed by the renowned Venezuelan percussionist G. Rosales.

Next to the Salsa Laura has a great affection for the Argentinean Tango, music style in which she has been qualified extremely in her execution. Their career like tango interpreter began in the orchestra “Tìpica la Otra” (Typical the Other one.) At the moment he is member of the quartet of strings “Pavadita” that momentarily carry out a tour for Holland together with the singer Thé Lau.

With their recent incorporation to the Mariachi Mexican Party has become reality others of their musical desires.

Fernando Lobato (Ecuador)

Vocal, guitar, guitarron (bass).


Fernando was born in Ecuador, started his professional career at the age of 14 years as singer and guitar player; he studies music at the "Jose Manuel Rodrigues Institue in Cuenca-Ecuador.

At the beginning of his career he played with different famous bands, later on he created his own group called "Dynasty" which became very popular in Ecuador. During this time, he shared the stage with different singers from Latin America very famous internationally such as: Camilo Sesto, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Los Iracundos, etc.

In 1989 he travelled to Europe in order to expose his talent in different festivals performing in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, etc. At the same time he took private lessons with masters in guitar and singing like John Fillmore (flamenco) and Pere Soto (jazz) where he had improved his skills. In 1996 he came out with his first CD. called Fernando Lobato ...con Sabor Latino!!. Which includes classics hits through Latin America These songs contain his original arrangements.

Fernando trough his professional carrier formed part of different bands that have performed in several countries of Europe. He is also guitar teacher in Latin-American style.

Heiko Ebner


Heiko was born and it grew in the south of Germany in the “black forest” to be more exact where begins playing trumpet in the traditional orchestras.

Later he moves to Munich to study and to work as manufacturer of metallic instruments of wind. Not only has the construction of their own instrumented but as well as the execution of them becomes its great passion. He played in different jazz formations and in big bands among those which The national juvenile orchestra of jazz of Bayern. Heiko carries out during 1997 at 2002 its studies of trumpet jazz and music improvised in the “Conservatory of Hilversum” and in the “Conservatory of Amsterdam.” So much during as after his study Heiko has the opportunity of playing in diverse musical goods being able to accumulate an immense experience this way the one he has played in formations of jazz, pop, Latin and big bands. Heiko played and it continues playing among others with: Eddy Martínez, Gerald and the rhythmic one, Orchestrate Orange, Burning Heart, Supersub and the Glenn Weisz Orchestra. He has worked mainly with different jazz formations and Latin jazz in Holland , Belgium , Germany France.


Wiebke Pahrmann




Paúl Lovato (Ecuador)

Vocals chorus, guitar

Pául was born in Cuenca Ecuador, at a very young age he show his talent for drums and he self learned to play. In 1992 he traveled to Europe where he performed as solo in different events. He also participated as a member of different groups. In 1996 he became part of "Sabor Latino Group" and performed in different festivals in Holland, Germany and other countries.



Wiebke Pahrmann


‘Variation is the source of my creativity' thinks Wiebke Pahrmann. Growing-up in Germany, she played in the Youth Big Band of Lower Saxony ‘Windmachine', and later in the BuJazzO under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer. She spent a year in the USA gathering different musical experiences. In the States she performed with the Aquinas College Big Band, and then toured throughout Europe with the Blue Lake International Big Band. For a few years now, she has been living in the heart of Amsterdam, where she studied jazz at the Conservatory. During that period she developed her skills with Ruud Breuls, Jan Oosthof and Charly Green. It is the opinion of nearly all her peers that “Wiebke is analytical and detailed.” In the theater, she is part of the continually sold-out show of comedian Tineke Schouten. Wiebke is the smooth dancing and singing leader of the horn-section of Schouten's show. Wiebke also enjoys playing with: The Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra (bigband), mariachi band ‘Fiesta Mexicana', salsaband ‘Tropicaliente', trio ‘Charlie's Birds', the all-women band ‘Too Hot Too Handle' and of course… the swinging ‘Funk and Soul Sisters'.


It dances typical of Mexico

During our performance we have the choreography of professional dancers that you/they will make him enjoy the wonderful traditional dance of the regions of Mexico , dressed in their beautiful typical suits.